Minor Coursework

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What’s the Professional Writing and Rhetoric Minor Curriculum?

This 19-credit minor includes three requirements and four electives. Start with the two foundational classes. Take four electives that align with your interests and career goals. Wrap up with the one-credit capstone — that’s it! These course descriptions build on those in the BYU Course Catalog.

Required Courses (7 credit hours)

  1. ENGL 302 Writing with Style: a practical, engaging course in using elements of grammar and rhetoric to help you develop a flexible, effective writing style for various purposes, audiences, and genres
  2. ENGL 322 Fundamentals of Rhetoric: a swift survey of key concepts and arguments in rhetoric to help you understand the theory and history informing your efforts to persuade, influence, and communicate
  3. ENGL 400 Portfolio Capstone: a one-credit, mentored learning experience in which you work with a faculty mentor to develop a portfolio of work that supports your career or professional goals

Electives* (12 credit hours)

  • ENGL 211 Rhetoric and Civilization I: take a survey of Western civilization (Greek antiquity to Renaissance) with emphasis on rhetoric in shaping institutions, values, and beliefs; satisfies GE (Civ 1) requirement
  • ENGL 212 Rhetoric and Civilization 2: take a second survey of Western civilization (Renaissance to the present) with emphasis on rhetoric in shaping institutions, values, and beliefs; satisfies GE (Civ 2 or Letters) requirement
  • ENGL 323 Introduction to Professional Writing: get an overview of professional writing genres and workplace writing, culminating in a collaborative client project for a real audience
  • ENGL 325 Visual Rhetoric: practice analyzing and creating various visual media (e.g., posters, videos, advertisements, websites, propaganda, social media posts) informed by rhetoric
  • ENGL 326 Applied Digital Communication: practice analyzing and creating with digital communication tools (e.g., blogs, websites, infographics, podcasts) informed by rhetoric and design
  • ENGL 327R Special Topics in Rhetoric: explore a specific area in rhetorical studies (e.g., leadership) determined by the faculty instructor
  • ENGL 328R Special Topics in Composition: explore a specific area in writing studies (e.g., grant writing, collaborative writing) determined by the faculty instructor
  • ENGL 335 Public Speaking: learn about classical oratory as you prepare and deliver professional public presentations
  • ENGL 394R Applied English: build on your knowledge and skills by signing up for a professional writing internship with clients on- or off-campus
  • ENGL 494 Professional Writing & Rhetoric Senior Seminar: explore a specialized topic in writing, rhetoric, or media studies determined by the faculty instructor and conduct original research culminating in a seminar paper or multimedia project
*Additional courses with subject matter connected to writing and rhetoric may count toward the minor.