Getting Started old design

 First Steps
• Meet with the Professional Writing and Rhetoric Coordinator, Nancy Christiansen, before declaring the minor. During that meeting, you and the coordinator will put together the best course of study plan you, tailored to your designated career path.
• Declare the Professional Writing and Rhetoric Minor at the Humanities Advisement Center (1175 JFSB)

Here are the courses in the Professional Writing and Rhetoric Minor, from which students are to take 19 credit hours:


Eng. 322 Fundamentals of Rhetoric
Eng. 324 Writing with Style
Eng. 400 Portfolio Capstone


Eng. 211 History of Civilization I
Eng. 212 History of Civilization 2
Eng. 323 Introduction to Professional Writing

This course will transition students from writing for academic audiences to writing for readers of workplace documents. Assignments are modeled after common situations professional writers encounter in the workplace, and students will learn to employ the writing process effectively, analyze audience, communicate technical information, implement document design, collaborate with a team, use technology to present information, and apply research within organizations.

Eng. 325 Visual Rhetoric
Eng. 326 Applied Digital Communication
Eng. 327R Special Topics in Rhetoric
Eng. 328R Special Topics in Composition
Eng. 399R Academic Internship
Eng. 495 Writing & Rhetoric Senior Seminar

Additional courses, when subject matter applies to writing and rhetoric, can count toward the minor, such as Eng. 337R (special topics in genre) or Eng. 394 (with professional writing focus).  All courses are 3 credit hours, except Eng. 400, which is 1 credit hour.