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Lauren Halversen
HCOLL 494: Humanities On-Campus Experimential Projects
Why Minor in PWR?

Communicate with Power

  It’s simple: People who know how to write, speak, and communicate effectively become leaders–in their professional, public, and personal lives. The PWR minor offers skills and knowledge to set you apart, whether you’re applying for jobs, pursuing graduate school, or looking to make an impact in your city, community, or family life. You’ll develop proficiency in written, oral, visual, and digital communication — the kinds of abilities employers expect, students want, and people need to connect and thrive. Learn more about coursework and faculty who teach in the minor. Read about students’ experiences in the minor. Contact the PWR minor coordinator with questions. Words are powerful. They can change minds, spark ideas, and unite people. What will the PWR minor help you do with you words?

Contact Dr. David Stock, PWR minor coordinator 4106 JFSB 801-422-3737